Robert L. Edwards, Conductor, Consultant, Photographer

photo by Gutter

Of all the life-forms in our world, we humans are the ones with the highest ability to think, reason, understand and communicate on broad, multiple planes.

To fully realize our humanity, we can do no less.

Thinking spans most of our lifetime, but each of us has a unique curve: some start slowly and intensify later in life (as is the case with me -- who would begin the study of SuperString Theory and Quantum Loop Gravity at age 62?); some show prowess in the pre-college years and level off later. Some display a broad arc of development, others are more even-keeled; some start high and stay there, others remain low.

Regardless of our unique curve, we can accept the responsibility to rise up out of the muck of mediocrity, or wallow in it.

I am not so dissimilar from others in that there have been moments and events, people and things that have influenced and changed me. Some for the better, some not.

I have highlighted some of the good  influences in three categories: Literature, Music and People. Plus one more: Visionary design, specifically Art Deco and the futuristic design schools that sprang from it.

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