Robert L. Edwards, Conductor, Consultant, Photographer

The discovery of Literature as a source of inspiration and a motivator of growth is an important milestone in the development of human character.
Mr. Edwards was an avid reader since the age of 14 -- a late start by some standards. Today there are over 1,200 books in his library.
Many of those had an important influence on either growth and development, or more importantly, opened a new door, set a new direction.
To select a dozen as most influential is perhaps not accurate, yet the books he has listed below all represent either a new plateau
or an important affirmation. Listed in order of discovery.


John Steinbeck

Travels With Charlie

I was 14. This was the book that turned me on to reading and started my path to discovery.

Ayn Rand


I WAS Howard Roark. Security for a budding sense of individuality and independence. The perfect book to shore-up the fragile personality of a 16-yr. old who was not understood by his peers - but who knew he was right.

Dag Hammarksjold


Windows for the mind. It still works for me.

Paul Theroux

Picture Palace

One of the greatest character studies ever written. The same spirit of individuality and independence found in Ayn Rand's Roark.

Paul  Theroux

Paul  TherouxThe Great Railway Bazaar

His writing style infected mine for nearly a decade. The best of the travel-as-adventure tomes.

Irving Stone

The Greek Treasure
A Biographical Novel Of
Henry and Sophia Schliemann

On the surface, the story of the discovery of the ancient city of Troy. In reality, a book of Love: Love of Mate; Love of Life's Calling; Love of Life. Its a treasure.

Nigel Calder

Einstein's Universe

The first book to provide us common folk with a grasp of the enormity of the universe and its complex structure.

Carl Sagan


The only legitimate, science-based fiction on the possibility (reality) of extraterrestrial intelligence. They do not look like us, think like us or in any sense exist like us. But they DO exist. And we’ll never encounter them!

Stephen Hawking

A Brief History of Time

Another Everyman explanation of complex physics. Nearly a knockout in the debate between Quantum Mechanics and SuperString Theory. Hawking’s concepts were in retreat during the frenzy of investigation of SuperString Theory as embodying the true Grand Unified Theory, but in the early 2000s, solid proof that SST produced an infinite number of universes has caused the physics world to return to Hawking’s belief that the path of discovery lies in Quantum Loop Gravity.

Michio Kaku

Michio KakuHyperspaces

No fiction here - The most comprehensive advanced-layman book on SuperString Theory and life in ten dimensions and beyond.  Concluding with the hard scientific evidence that unless there are radical changes in our lives globally, life on this planet will cease to exist within 60 years - No scare tactics, no hyperbole, just facts.

Klaus Eidam

Eidam, True Life of J. S. BachThe True Life of J.S.Bach

Finally! A book that opens up this great man’s life for us to examine as it actually was. We don’t think of him as a widower caring for six  children, having to cook over an open fire because he had no stove, carrying buckets of water because he couldn’t afford indoor plumbing. He was saddled with lazy, inept musicians who were uninterested in his perfectionist goals. He was a volatile man who got into a street brawl. He was surrounded by haughty, pretentious power mongers who had no clue of his true worth. This is the real J.S.Bach - the person we have never known. This book is a page turner that debunks all other biographies, most notably those considered to be “bibles.” Eidam eviscerates the standard reference books by citing actual fact and illuminates Bach’s life as no one ever has. Having read this book, I cannot wrap my head around how Bach managed to write the music he did. It is astonishing.

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