Robert L. Edwards, Conductor, Consultant, Photographer

Welcome - Gallery Entrance
Part of the Entrance Gallery displayed  a watercolor of Notre Dame de Paris purchased from one of the many artists who have booths along the Seine;
and a colored brass rubbing from Winchester Cathedral in England. The subject is Robert the Bruce.

(One of the delights of vacations: purchasing art!)

Living Room
The long (by New York City standards) Living Room was perfect for the 5-column contemporary wall unit which housed books, travel mementos, surround-sound theater system, TV, apéritif bar and storage for my audio and video tape collection.

The small portrait is a limited edition, signed (No. 1) etching of
Arturo Toscanini.

A genuine slate-top buffet cabinet held travel mementos and a reproduction of a
Frank Lloyd Wright clock. The avante garde acrylic  painting is by Gary Walsh.

Gary Walsh Painting

The mirrored drop-lid apéritif bar was generally well-stocked.

Wall Unit
Treasured books and souvenirs including: (left photo) hand-made beer stein purchased at the factory in the Black Forest of Germany and once filled with the best wheat beer in Munich; 2 hand-carved wooden flutes; a sheep’s horn from the Alps and a face carving made from whale bone by Indians (generally called Eskimos) living above the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

More treasured books, a paper clock (yes, paper) and an antique RCA Victor “His Masters Voice” tin box.

The South Living Room Wall
with the “Kitchen Window”, a construction feature popular in the 1940s that allowed hosts to continue their food preparation while chatting with their guests;  The “real bar” included an IV drip of M*A*S*H vodka; The 5 towers of CDs are designed to mimic the Citicorp skyscraper.

A framed collection of some of the program covers from my performances.

In the bedroom, a grand, elegant reproduction of one of the many Paris street scenes by my favorite Impressionist painter, Camille Pissarro.  A meaningful gift from my friend Marybeth.

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