Robert L. Edwards, Conductor, Consultant, Photographer

During Mr. Edwards tenure as Director of Computer Operations for the Park Avenue investment banking firm Needham & Company, Inc., Mr. Edwards was recruited by Openet, Inc., a computer services company specializing in the financial industry. Mr. Edwards joined the firm as Senior Project Manager and shortly thereafter built the first website for his former employer Needham & Company. While still continuing as a project manager, Mr. Edwards took on two more web design assignments: He designed an online auction site, one of the first, and then he redesigned the website for Muriel Siebert, Following that, he built three websites for Harvard Maintenance, the principal building maintenance corporation on the East Coast.

Three years after joining Openet, Mr. Edwards became an independent consultant and concentrated on designing websites for the medical community beginning with the main site for Yaffe Ruden & Associates.

After the first Yaffe Ruden site was built, Dr. Yaffe asked Mr. Edwards to work with him to design another website, the world's first interactive doctor/patient website.

Since that time, Mr. Edwards has built more than two dozen websites, including:

Buffalo Hand and Shoulder Center website link
Frantz Dental website link
Behavioral Medicine Associates website link

When Dr. Bruce Yaffe decided he wanted Yaffe Ruden & Associates to be the first Medical Practice to have a comprehensive, interactive doctor/patient website, he worked with Mr. Edwards to create the user interface. Mr. Edwards partnered with one of his associates from his Openet days, the brilliant database programmer and server scripter Olga Maevskaia, to create the backend data processing for the site. Ms. Maevskaia also enabled the website database to communicate automatically with the main YaffeRuden database, so information entered by the patient becomes a permanent part of their electronic medical record.

The Yaffe Ruden Interactive Website is a massive 100+ page website that collects and stores patient medical history, family history and demographics. The site enables the patient to gather and store their individual and family medical history as well as helpful current information (present illness / discussion topics) prior to a visit. The site also enables a doctor to provide the patient with online Visit Notes following the exam. 

Subsequently, Mr. Edwards built two more sites for Dr. Yaffe
as well as two pioneering sites for Dr. Yaffe’s partner Dr. Ruden.

Yaffe Ruden Interactive Doctor Patient Website link
Bone Density Center New York link
Healing The Mind Website Dr. Ruden link
Cineman Movie Reviews website link

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